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CAD/CAM Publishing's professional engineering staff will study your operations, analyze your needs, and recommend improvements that will boost your company's sales and reduce its costs. Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we can do for you:

Productivity tune-up -- Is your firm not getting all that vendors promised from technology investments? You may not need new software or systems. Sometimes all you need is to make better use of the tools you have got.

Business needs analysis -- Software and hardware peddlers are pushing a plethora of technologies. We can help you prioritize your needs and identify tools that will yield the greatest return to your business.

System evaluation -- We'll help identify the best software possibilities for each task and test it to be sure it meets your needs.

Implementation services -- From drafting procurement specifications to training and startup assistance, we'll make sure the new tools you buy meet your firm's business objectives.

CAD/CAM Publishing sells no hardware or software. Our recommendations aren't colored by a desire to sell you products. To discuss your needs in complete confidence, call 1 (858) 488-0533 or e-mail


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